Public Design | 瑞豪酒店

Public Design | 瑞豪酒店




Urumqi is located in the northwest of China, known as the “Capital of Asia”. Since ancient times, it has been an important hub of east-west commerce, an important town on the new North Road of the Ancient Silk Road, and a place where the economy and culture of the Central Plains and the Western regions converge. Nature and history have left many human impressions in Urumqi, among which silk and northwest Haze are the most.

▼早餐厅,The restaurant early


This space has the luxury of contemporary light luxury, with golden color as the main color, the silk element melts in it, the golden finish runs through the whole space, as if the silk floats along with the passerby’s step.

▼电梯厅,The elevator hall


It was as if the Riau Silk Road had reached a climax when it reached the elevator hall. The warm colors of the lights and the gray and white packages overlap, just like the haze in the northwest, and the soft side of Urumqi is quietly revealed.

▼小宴会厅,Small banquet hall


The design of the banquet hall focuses on delicacy, uses concise and concise line vocabulary, and USES the collision between the rigid and the warm texture of the log in the tension of the black lines to create an individual space that can realize the functional value and artistic aesthetic feeling of the space and enhance the contemporary sense of the space.

▼大宴会厅,Grand ballroom


The aureate of silk still runs through, wait like line of coping smallpox, metope, dimensional style is different did not come apart completely however.

▼平面方案,Plan layout